Welcome to Camera Phone Challenge 2014!

This is a 365 Day Personal Photography Challenge. The challenge is to create a photo per day. This is not a contest. You will be challenging yourself, not others. The reward is the result. The result will be a photographic journal of your year based on a theme word per day.  In addition, you will be better at creating photographs with your phone than you ever thought possible.

This is about creating photographs, not equipment.  Camera phones have come a long way in the past few years and will no doubt continue as we move through this project.

Still interested?  Up for the challenge? Please move on to the Rules and Guidelines page.

 Taken with an iPhone and one light, edited with Instagram.



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  1. Inspired by Paula Puffer (my cousin) to give this a try. It would be nice if her talent was an ‘in the blood’ kind of thing but somehow I don’t think so! ann